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[2017.09.08] DeployStudio build v1.7.8 (checksum, release note).
[2016.08.26] DeployStudio build v1.6.19 (release note).
[2013.02.23] DeployStudio last universal build v1.5.17 (release note).

#1 2017-07-13 20:19:14

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Issue with creating DeployStudio Bootable USB

Hey y'all,

I've been trying to get DeployStudio to work for some time now at my school.  The main issue I'm having is that most of the time, when I try to boot a computer from a DeployStudio bootable USB, it will freeze halfway through the little gray progress bar and then reboot into normal MacOS.

Sometimes, if I don't let it automate signing into the DeployStudio server, it will ask for the username and password.  It will then give me a repository access error and allow me into the runtime, where I can see the custom workflows I have created, but none of them execute successfully.

I'm running Sierra 10.12.5 on a 2009 Mac Pro as the server, and I'm trying to get the runtime to work on a variety of computers - iMacs, MacBook Pros, etc. 

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!


#2 2017-07-14 09:06:33

From: Delft, Netherlands
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Re: Issue with creating DeployStudio Bootable USB

Are the macbooks and iMac by any chance new (2017) models?
These need (each) a specific build version of 10.12.5 to boot.
Solution: generate the USB stick on such a model, or wait for 10.12.6.
If not 2017 model: does this stick boot on some models? if yes: the stick is OK if no: create new stick.

Authentication problems: check DNS for server and client, these should match.
on the server in the preference pane you can see the url for the server ,and the path to the repo.
These should both be availalbe from the client (check from a mac on the same network)
If fails: re-run the setup assistant on the server with other values (IP address are ugly, but work).

For workflows; have you checked the 'enabled' box in DS Admin? By default new workflows are NOT enabled.

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