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#1 2018-12-13 21:48:45

Registered: 2012-12-31

Computer ID Script for AD bind not working

I'm trying to bind our Macs to AD as part of a workflow, but the Computer ID that I'm setting with a script isn't being applied.

I have a script that ends with the following ($ADNAME does have the right value)

echo "RuntimeSetBindingComputerID: ${ADNAME}"
exit 0

I use that script for the Computer ID in the Bind to AD step of the workflow. It's always worked in the past, but now it's not anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that it was no longer working for quite a while (the machines still bind, but with the computer name instead of the name my script generates), so I'm not exactly sure when it stopped working. The most recent changes (which all happened around the same time): Update to 1.7.8, Created a 10.13 netboot set, and deploying a 10.13 image instead of 10.12.

Anyone else having this problem?

I can work around it with a script running dsconfigad, but I'd rather use the built-in tool if I can.



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