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[2017.09.08] DeployStudio build v1.7.8 (checksum, release note).
[2016.08.26] DeployStudio build v1.6.19 (release note).
[2013.02.23] DeployStudio last universal build v1.5.17 (release note).

#1 2018-06-20 19:15:00

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Successful 10.13 imaging process!

I'm using an iMac running High Sierra 10.13.5 as my server, DeployStudio Server 1.7.8, and have successfully imaged several Macs as of this morning with this method, running both HFS and APFS file systems.

First of all I created my master on a High Sierra machine after removing the APFS volume via Terminal from recovery, if it existed, with "diskutil apfs deleteContainer /dev/disk0s2" and then partitioned the drive as HFS and installed 10.13.

I set everything up how I wanted it and captured the image as I normally would with the "Create a master from a volume" workflow.

Then I created a new script that I titled and added the following text to it:


diskutil apfs deleteContainer disk0s2

exit 0

On my deployment workflow I created a "Generic" action at the beginning to run said script (if no APFS volume it just skips forward), followed by the Partition, Restore (make sure image is set to HFS), Configure and Package Install actions, although some of those are specific to my environment.

If APFS is really important to you I suppose you could convert to it after the image.

This will certainly save me a lot of time, and hopefully some of you as well!

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#2 2018-06-21 20:44:24

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Re: Successful 10.13 imaging process!

Perfect this is just what I need!


#3 2018-06-22 19:26:23

From: Massachusetts
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Re: Successful 10.13 imaging process!

I tried something very similar to this. I created a master HFS image and brought it down to another computer. Its seemed to be okay but I did see a lot of errors flash by in the Runtime window.


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