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#1 2018-01-31 18:10:38

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DS Server with NetBoot Service & Multicast ASR Restore to File

I posted previously about a desire to incorporate a NetBoot service in DeployStudio since Apple is deprecating the service in Server. I also think using multicast asr restore to a file would be a great addition with monolithic imaging going away. Here is what I would love to see:

• DS Server with NetBoot Service (if Apple will support clients to netboot in the future)

• A helper app that will create a disk image containing all installer packages needed and maybe even config profiles (or can do this with Disk Utility, but a helper app would be easier for novices)

• A workflow option that will copy the disk image containing package installers to the client machine via multicast asr

• A script that will execute that will run all installers and then delete the disk image when done

• More workflow items to install profiles and set other user settings

If NetBoot becomes impossible for future devices (it still might be an option in the iMac Pro), then maybe Apple will allow computers to boot from a flash drive. That could contain a DS Runtime that can initiate all of the above.

All of the above could also be scripted without the use of NetBoot, DS Server, a helper app, and a DS Runtime app, but it would make things much easier with these things.

Any thoughts?


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