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#1 2011-02-04 19:08:54

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Newbie question: Netboot Image for DS Replica

Hello, I am just setting up a DS replica and was wondering if there's a way I can use my current DS netboot image on the master DS server so that it will show the right address at login (DS replica's' address) when booting from the replica.
Is there a preference file I can edit or do I need to re-create the netboot image?
Does DS take care of auto-updating its netboot images according to the server address?
DS master and replica are on different subnets
Many thanks for you help

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#2 2011-02-06 22:38:36

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Re: Newbie question: Netboot Image for DS Replica

When creating the netboot image you have a number of options, the first is to set it to use Bonjour to find the server. This should find the local server and just work. If you block client access to the server thats not local you could neter both IP addresses in the fields and then the client coild only connect to it's local server, or finally you could setup DNS records for each site that point to the local server and then enter the DNS name when building the netboot image


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