DeployStudio Server has been a popular imaging solution that enabled Enterprise and Education system administrators to flawlessly deploy Mac computers in their organisations for 15 years (2003-2018).

System and hardware security features introduced during the past years are incompatible with legacy system imaging and it's time to move to modern device management techniques.

For administrators aiming to manage old hardware with DeployStudio, we are bringing back online the last build of DeployStudio Server (v1.7.8).

The new build v1.7.11 (beta) drops 32-bit Intel hardware support but allows to run DeployStudio Server, Admin & Assistant apps natively on Apple Silicon hardware.

Support will be very limited but we are still looking after

Intel only (32/64-bit)
- v1.7.8 [download] [sha1]

Universal 2 (64-bit Intel & Apple Silicon)
- v1.7.11 *beta* [download] [sha1]

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